Tomatoes can be a little finicky! Outdoors, they may not set fruit if days are too hot or too cool, if nights are too warm or too cool, if the soil is too wet or too dry, and so on. If your tomatoes are blooming then you are on the right track, and hopefully some of the ideas here will start those tomatoes coming:

-- For fruit to set, the pollen in the flower has to be shaken loose and then land on another part of the flower. Outdoors, wind and bees do the shaking; indoors, you have to do it (be the bee!) If you have been gently shaking the plants as the Tending and Harvesting Guide recommends but are still are not seeing fruit, try pointing an oscillating fan at the AeroGarden, setting the speed and distance to simulate a gentle breeze. Or use our Be the Bee Pollinator for a fraction of a second to the stem directly above the flowers.
-- Add Epsom Salts to the water – use a tablespoon in the 6,7, and 9-pod AeroGardens, or a teaspoon in the 3-pod AeroGardens. Make sure the water level is at the “Fill to Here” mark before you do this. Try it once.
-- Purchase a little pump bottle of "Blossom Set" or comparable product from your local nursery. It’s a hormone that encourages fruit set. Use as directed.
-- Is your room too warm, or too cool? The ideal range for fruit set is 70 to 76 degrees.
--  Is your AeroGarden in a sunny window? That’s too hot.