Nothing is wrong!  Basil is almost always the first seed to sprout and grows faster and taller than others. The most common mistake made by new AeroGardeners is to NOT trim it back. Basil grows like a weed in the AeroGarden, and it is tempting to raise the light hood to accomodate just the basil.  Don’t do it!  Raising the light hood too soon for the tallest, fastest-growing plants diminishes light to all the other plants, and they will suffer from the lack of light. Instead, trim the basil from the top, again and again, to keep it an inch or two below the grow lights.  The more you trim basil the more it bushes out, and for every one branch you trim, two new ones appear.  

Start trimming after the second set of true leaves appear, and never look back.  Enjoy your harvests in soups, salads, pastas and more.  By aggressively trimming back your basil and keeping the lights down low, you’ll not only get more from low growing herbs like thyme and oregano, you’ll harvest more basil too!