Moss Roses: Give the Gift that Keeps on Giving!

Surprise and delight anyone with the gift of flowers that keep on giving! Our new Moss Rose Seed Kits produce small rose buds in shades of pink, red, orange, yellow, and white, whose delicate scent will warm up any room.  

What is moss rose? 

A semi-succulent that stores water in its fleshy leaves and mossy stems, the moss rose is an annual flowering plant that spreads quickly when grown outdoors, even in hot, dry conditions. 

But when grown indoors in your AeroGarden, the moss rose will produce consistent blooms for as long as it is cared for. Colors of the blooms vary, and some of the ruffled petals feature bi-colors, such as white streaks on pink, or orange on yellow.   

Moss roses grown in your indoor garden will germinate within 2–3 weeks, and will typically bloom within 4–6 weeks. You can expect them to reach heights of 3–9 inches.

How to make the most of your moss rose seed kit 

We’ve come up with a few great ways to use these lovely flowers from your indoor garden! 

  • Make them a centerpiece: Place your AeroGarden in a prominent area—wherever you might set a vase of cut flowers—to show off the beautiful buds.  
  • Plan(t) a gift in advance: Start a set of moss rose pods in a new AeroGarden, let them bloom, and give the whole set as a gift. Your recipient will love the sweet flowers and the chance to reuse it as an indoor herb or vegetable garden when the roses are spent!  
  • Prune and share: Snip off blooms and make tiny bouquets to have around the house or to give to friends. 
  • Trim and propagate for outdoor planting: Bring your blooms outdoors! Follow these step-by-step instructions for rooting your moss roses and readying them for planting in a hot, dry area of your garden.   

The Moss Rose Seed Kit is available for all size AeroGardens, or can be added to a Custom Flower Seed Pod Kit.  

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