Mojito Desert Dip with Cinnamon Crisp

SB 2013 Patty Taub Mojito Deseert Dip with Cinnamon Crisp   


1 C. Light Sour Cream
8 oz. Mascarpone Cheese
¼ C. Fresh Lime Juice (or to taste)
1 T. Lime Zest
3 T. Rum 
1C. Whipping Cream
Fresh Mint (from my AeroGarden!)

Muddle about a teaspoon of lime juice with 5-10 mint leaves. Muddle until the leaves and juice form a liquid. In an electric mixer bowl, combine sour cream, mascarpone cheese, sugar, lime juice/mint liquid, remaining lime juice and lime zest. Beat until smooth. Whip cream and fold into sour cream mixture. Garnish with a a sprig of mint.


Thanks to Patty Taub!

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