Mint - mojitos and more

Mint is usually an aggressive grower; that's good, because it means lots of harvest, but don't let it invade its neighbor's space! The cut stems will keep in a glass of water for a week, if you change the water daily, and you  can tear off a few leaves as needed.   Besides mint's obvious uses in mojitos and iced tea, rub a  leaf around the rim of your morning orange juice glass to wake up your taste buds, or tear up and toss some into a green salad for a change of pace. 


3 thoughts on “Mint - mojitos and more”

  • do you sell the attachment to turn the aerogarden7 into a tall gardrn?

    • We ordinarily sell them - they're called "Upgrade kits" - but they won't be back in stock for several months. Sorry!

  • That reminds me, I would never have either mint or dill again in my Aerogarden...they were just too aggressive and I couldn't keep them at bay. Those are herbs best to have in their own personal pot. The odd thing about the mint when I did try to use it I got a sort of anaphylactic tongue got thick and my throat started to close up which is strange as I have had alot of mint tea in my life before and since then with no problem.

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