Little Brown Spots on Lettuce












Many AeroGardeners report “little brown spots” on some of the leaves in the Salad Greens Seed Kit.  Perfect! That's the normal pigmentation of red-leaf lettuce, and as the leaves mature  you will see more of it.  This is a red leafed lettuce just starting to show its colors.  The depth of red that will eventually develop depends on a variety of factors such as temperature, light and water quality.

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  • I'm living in Miami Fl. I want to know if here I can find some supplies and also how can I conserv in a good conditions the nutrients because here the humidity is very high.

    • Hi, Praxi -
      We really aren't selling through retail stores anymore. You can shop at our website,, or call our sales line at
      If your nutrients are in liquid form, then they do not need any special handling. If your nutrients are tablets, however, we haven't packed those in seed kits in over a year Please call Customer Service at 800-476-9669 so that we can have a quick conversation about them.

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