Lettuce likes it cool

Lettuce is a spring crop, and produces more and tastes better when grown in cooler temperatures.  During the summer, keeping lettuce in a cooler spot in your home will produce better results.  And lettuce loves cold feet!  Some AeroGardeners put a few ice cubes in the reservoir once or twice a day to cool the water down a few degrees.  This is especially good for your plants if the AeroGarden's ambient room temperature is in the low 70s (that's warm for lettuce!).

2 thoughts on “Lettuce likes it cool”

  • This is not a comment. but a question. Why is it that I cannot use my own well water for my plants? This buying distilled water is about to put me in the poor house! The tomatoes are doing great, Herbs fantastic. But the chives don't seem to want to sprout.at all. (And I use chives more than any other herb. I love my gardens! dp

    • Hi Doris, you're welcome to try the well water and see what happens. With many wells, the water will be fine and possibly even better than municipal water. But also in many wells, the water is so hard and so base that even with our organic pH buffers we can't get it into the right range for healthy plant growth. So, please try your well water (or even a blend of distilled and well water) and watch the health of your plants closely. If it doesn't kill them outright you might be fine with frequent complete nutrient changes. Chives take forever! to sprout. If you've waited at least 2 weeks, maybe a bit longer, and still have nothing you can call us for a replacment, OR try sprinkling your own chive seeds on top.

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