Keep water level lower for best germination

Keep your water level below the "full" mark for the first few weeks after starting your garden.  The slightly dryer grow pods germinate more seeds more successfully.  After two weeks, more water more often is best!

3 thoughts on “Keep water level lower for best germination”

  • I'm new to Aerogardening. Is there a difference between seeds you buy
    at a garden store and seeds for a hydroponic growing system? When you look
    at a seed packet it lists a height range. What are the heights that would be workable in the 7 and the Extra? I have both.

    • Hello, yes things can grow very differently under grow lights than they might in the garden. In general, if a plant prunes well and easily, you can keep them shorter than their max height listed, but some plants behave very differently than what's written on the package. But the experimenting is one of my favorite things about AeroGardens!

      The growth differences are one of the big benefits of a pre-seeded AeroGrow seed kit too. We've been testing seeds in AeroGardens for nearly a decade, and only offer varieties that work well in AeroGardens in homes. I think it really depends if you like to experiment and see what happens of if you prefer a more known quantity. Feel free to share varieties on our facebook page as you find what works!

    • Oh and the AG7 has about 12 inches growing height, double that for the AG Extra. Many larger plants can be pruned to fit.

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