AeroGarden pumps operate from a computer controlled timer.  They have on and off cycles.  Sometimes it can seem like the pump is not working, when it is just on an off cycle.  Here are a few quick tips for checking to see if your pump is working:

  • Power gets to the pump via two connectors on the back side of the bowl and the front side of the lamp arm.  Make sure you're getting power to the pump (sometimes the contacts get bent or corroded).  The contacts can be easily bent back into shape or cleaned with lemon juice.  Be sure to unplug your garden before working on the contacts!
  • Sometimes pumps run so quietly you can't hear them.  This can change as a garden matures and the roots grow into the water.  Test to make 100% sure it is not working by setting your garden to the salad greens setting, which runs 24 hours a day.  Then visually inspect to see if the pump is running by removing a pod and looking for flow (it's important to remove the pod).
  • If you are set to salad greens, the garden is plugged in, the resovoir is firmly seated, and the contacts are clean, and you STILL don't have flow, it's likely a new pump is needed.  Pumps are inexpensive and easy to change.  They come with complete instructions.

Customer service is good at helping with pump issues too.  Give them a call with any questions.