Ingenious Hack For Glue On Seed Pod Labels

We love seeing all of the fun and unique plant varieties AeroGardeners are growing. That's why we offer the Grow Anything kits. They come with everything you need to grow your own favorite seeds in your AeroGarden, including baskets, grow sponges and the labels that help you identify the plant AND keep out pesky light. But getting those labels onto the baskets can be tricky. Heat is required to activate the adhesive and that can be a challenge. 

Well, thanks to the awesome thinking of Jean Olson Sumption, Jean Peterson, Jen Stone and others on the AeroGarden Enthusiasts Facebook Group, we have an amazing hack to share with you! 

Simply place your glue-on seed pod labels green side down in a clean frying pan, or if you have a glass top electric stove you can place them right on the burner. Set heat to low, and as the labels warm up, and the glue will get shiny. Then just press the top of your grow basket onto the label a voila! Labels on your baskets ready for grow sponges and your favorite seeds.

And if all of this sounds like too much hassle, fear not! We now have peel-and-stick labels available for our Grow Anything kits. Happy growing! 

4 thoughts on “Ingenious Hack For Glue On Seed Pod Labels”

  • When using your own seeds (grow anything kits) do you have to use the included liquid plant food in order for the plants to grow? I'd rather not use any additional substances.

    • Hello! You do have to use some sort of nutrients in the garden, otherwise your seeds will not get any nutrition to grow. Our liquid nutrients mimic the soil, giving your plants the minerals and nutrients that they need.

  • How do I tell if I have the peel and stick or the glue backed labels in my Grow Anything Kit? They have a glossy feel on the back but I can't seem to separate from the paper.

    • Hello Angela! If the labels came on a clear film sheet, then those will be the new updated labels that will peel and stick. If they came loose or not on the clear film sheet, then those will be the kind that you heat up to glue on. Hope that helps!

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