For your outdoor garden, there are three ways to grow those plant babies. Whether you have a full backyard or a small deck to work with, you need to decide which garden setup will work best for you and those seedlings waiting to be transplanted. So let's explore the differences between container, raised-bed, and in-ground gardens.  Also, here are some helpful articles.

Container Garden

This garden approach is great for patios and decks, especially if you are tight on space. Container gardening has two advantages to call out! First, you have better control over the soil and can move around your container as needed for the sun (depending on its size). Second, the vegetables will be easier to access when it comes to harvesting. Learn more details at the link below.

Raised-Bed Garden

This garden option is great when the soil in your backyard is not the best for growing vegetables. A raised garden bed allows you to create the perfect growing environment, considering size and depth. Another advantage of growing above the ground is that you limit exposure to insect pests and disease found in native soil. Here are some more resources and tips for growing in a raised bed:

In-Ground Garden

If you've got the space, use it! A large area or backyard is perfect for larger plantings. To get started, you'll need to do some prep work such as clearing weeds and boosting the existing soil in your yard. Get more details here: