Indoor to Outdoor Gardening: A Seed Starting Journey - Part 1

With the end of Indoor Gardening Month, I hope you’ve gotten inspired to start some seeds for outdoors. I’m excited and currently planning out my outdoor garden! Join me on my growing journey, from seed starting to backyard veggie garden. Here are some ways you can get started on YOUR outdoor garden – beginning inside with your AeroGarden!

Find Your Growing Zone

Your zone number is based on the climate you live in. There are maps to help you determine what your zone is and which plants will do best in your yard. I live in zone 5, which mean my last average frost date is 05/1-05/31  Learn more about zones →

Select Your Plants

When deciding what to grow, consider your outdoor garden location. How much sun/shade, heat, and size of planting area will influence plant selection.  Research what grows well in your area. Or go wild and experiment! Need help deciding? Here are some helpful articles: Best Plant for Beginners, Companion Plants, How to Choose What to Grow.

Grow Calendar

After you know your zone, get your grow calendar setup.  This helps you with timing of when you need to start your seeds indoors and when to transfer them outside.  

Seed Starting

A Seed Starting System will allow you to start up to 85 seedlings (depending on garden model) indoors then easily transplant them into your outdoor garden when weather allows. If you already have one from last season, stock up on refill grow sponges. Get supplies here →

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