Who Needs Soil When You've Got Water?

Proper water levels are required by plants to deliver the nutrients and other building blocks for fast, healthy growth. Give them too much water, and plants will literally drown. Give them too little, and plants will wilt and dry; there's a healthy balance.  In addition, different plants prefer different watering conditions. Lettuce likes 'wet feet' but cilantro and rosemary like things dryer. Knowing what’s best for each plant in your particular growing conditions (climate, location in your home, etc.) often takes months or even years of trial and error. For indoor gardeners using soil, improper plant watering is a leading cause of garden failures.

The AeroGarden system helps simplify watering an indoor garden in several ways. First, roots are suspended in water and air, making sure plants get plenty of water AND oxygen for fast, healthy growth. Second, the AeroGarden automatically reminds you when to add water, complete with blinking red LED's that ensure your plants get what they need. Finally, AeroGarden nutrients contain a patented, organic pH buffering system that adjusts most municipal water to an appropriate pH range for healthy growth. 

Some plants are more sensitive to excessive minerals in the water than others. We recommend not using well, spring, or mineral water as these do not work in hydroponic gardening. If the municipal tap water in your area is too hard or heavily chlorinated, we recommend changing to distilled water.