Indoor Gardening 101: Plant Food is Love

Nutrition is Critical to a Healthy Garden

When growing outdoors, plants develop elaborate root systems to search out the 13 essential macro and micro nutrients needed for growth. Properly enhanced soils grow plants faster and healthier. Indoors, it's actually easier to ensure proper nutrients for your plants because you’re working with more controlled environments, in smaller containers or using hydroponics. In soil, the smaller quantities mean you can use better soil mixes and additives than are feasible in larger outdoor gardens.

When growing hydroponically, liquid nutrient solutions offer carefully crafted blends of the exact macro and micro nutrients needed for healthy growth. The careful balance and hydroponic delivery mean that plants grown in these environments grow up to five times as fast as plants grown in soil. Faster growth means bigger yields and less down time between harvests. It's a win-win-win!

AeroGarden nutrients contain a patented pH buffer which puts most tap water in the U.S into the perfect range for healthy growth, even if it may be undrinkable when unfiltered. The feeding schedule is very important. Three-pod AeroGardens require 4ml of nutrients (about one cap-full) every two weeks to ensure proper plant growth. Six and seven-pod AeroGardens growing herbs, flowers, salad greens or Mini Cherry tomatoes require 8ml of nutrients (about 2 cap-fulls) every two weeks. Big and Tall plants in your Bounty or Farm, such as the Mega Cherry tomatoes and Sweet Bell Peppers, require 8ml of nutrients (about 2 cap-fulls) for the first two feedings, then 12ml per feeding (3 cap-fulls) thereafter (every two weeks).

5 thoughts on “Indoor Gardening 101: Plant Food is Love”

  • Hi My instructions say to change the water every 2 weeks when I add the new plant food, how do I do this safetly for my crowing herbs.

    • Hi Katy! You can do a rinse and refill a couple of ways. First, we offer a siphon that will extract the water from your garden easily, without removing your plants. You can see it in action here:

      Another way is to simply remove the grow deck with all your plants still in their pod holes. Please the grow deck in a large bowl of water so the roots stay hydrated while you empty the water, refill it and add your nutrients. Hope this helps!

  • I keep hearing that it's bad to overfeed your plants. Cab you elaborate on why this is so bad?

    • Hi Laura. Over feeding causes an imbalance in the nutrient solution that can lead to either a lack of sufficient uptake of particular essential nutrients, or too much uptake. This can cause plants to be stunted in growth or to show signs of nutrient burn which can look brown or yellowish.

  • I needed this info, too. Thanks for the simple reply!

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