Indoor Gardening 101: Endless Possibilities

You Really Can Grow Anything

Modern indoor gardens can provide food, flowers and experiences that were impossible in years past without your own personal greenhouse. Here are our favorite five indoor gardens:

Fresh Herbs

The ability to grow fresh culinary herbs, right in the kitchen, in large enough quantities to actually cook with, is a fairly recent development. Several AeroGarden models fit well on the kitchen counter, and produce amazing results. In a recent test, a standard AeroGarden, with no extra care, produced $150 worth of fresh basil in just 4 months, versus buying that basil at the store. That's a lot of garden-fresh pesto!

Salad Greens

Few things are more fun than picking fresh lettuce from an indoor garden and enjoying it moments later in a salad or on a sandwich. Salad greens grow quickly and are easy to tend. The ease of growth makes it fun to try spicy specialty lettuces like arugula or tatsoi that are often unavailable in stores. Or grab some kale and beet greens and make a delicious and healthy smoothie anytime of the year.

Tomatoes & Peppers

Our large capacity gardens like the Bounty and Farm provide more light, more height and bigger reservoirs that allow indoor gardeners to grow garden-fresh vine-ripened tomatoes and peppers all year round. With jalapeño, thai and chili peppers Seed Kits, these gorgeous green, red and purple peppers produce abundant fruits all year round, making it easy to add a little heat (or a lot!) to any meal. If you're not a fan of spicy peppers, try sweet bell peppers, shishito or poblano peppers for tons of flavor and no sweating.

Delicious Vegetables

You're not just limited to tomatoes and peppers with AeroGarden! You can literally grow anything, though you may have to transfer it to a soil bed later. Eggplant, broccoli, whatever you and your family love! If you have your own seeds, use our Grow Anything Seed Pod Kit to grow them in your AeroGarden and you'll be all set.

Beautiful Flowers

Most houseplants don't flower; there just isn't enough light. That's why the majority of flowers you see in homes are cut flowers - grown in a greenhouse and bought at a store, bringing beautiful colors into the home for a few days before hitting the trash can or compost bin. With an AeroGarden, you can enjoy a blooming indoor flower garden all year round. Our favorite? Cascading Petunias. They're a beautiful, flowering bouquet with pink, purple and white blooms.

10 thoughts on “Indoor Gardening 101: Endless Possibilities”

  • Just getting started in home gardening. I like the idea of the Aerogarden versus outdoors.

    • Hi Dan! Gardening indoors with an AeroGarden is a great way to keep fresh herbs and veggies in your home all year long. Good luck in your indoor gardening adventure!

  • Janice Diedrich January 18, 2020 at 8:13 am

    New to this. When the plants get too big do I have to replant them in a pot with soil
    Than you for any help you can offer


    • Hi Jan! Nope, you don't have to replant them outside of your AeroGarden. The AeroGarden is designed to support your plants through their entire maturity. If you prune and harvest from your edible plants enough, they should maintain their size and survive just fine in the garden. You may find that after several months, the root system is so large that you are refilling the water bowl more frequently then you'd like. At that point, you may want to see about harvesting your garden in full and starting over with new plants. Trimming roots or trying to transplant standard seed pods can kill your plants so it's not recommended. If you are looking to eventually transplant what you're growing in your AeroGarden to a more traditional garden, we offer Seed Starting Systems that you can use to sprout seedlings and then easily transplant them into a garden bed or potted soil. Good luck!

  • just getting started. tuesday will be week 2 and my plants are starting to sprout. when do i remove the domes? how long til they start producing?

  • IMy question is how do you know when to start eating the salad greens, and will they reproduce when you cut the greens.

    • Hello Sabra. You can harvest your Salad greens at any time. You can take off leaves from the side, or harvest the whole pod. Usually the salads will keep growing after harvesting some leaves.

  • I would like to plant my herbs outdoors. How do I remove plants from the plastic holder ?

    • Hello! It will be very difficult to remove mature herbs from the seed pod cages, as the root systems have become intertwined. You may be able to remove them if the herbs are not too large. However, we definitely recommend using a seed starter system instead: These trays have the cages for the peat plugs built in, so you can more easily remove the plants when you want to transfer them outdoors. Learn more about seed starting here:

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