How to use the AeroVoir

The AeroVoir is a great accessory to use with the AeroGardens. You can utilize the AeroVoir to ensure the water in your grow bowl stays full when you are not at home, or even when you are home!

How To Get Started!

All you will need to do is fill up the AeroVoir tank with water, insert the hard L-shaped Outlet Tube into the grow deck and begin to pump the water into the grow bowl, allowing for a flow of water continuously.

As the AeroVoir is filling the AeroGarden you will periodically hear bubbling sounds from the AeroVoir. These sounds become less frequent and then stop as the water level in the AeroGarden reaches the fill line. 

If you start the AeroVoir with the AeroGarden water bowl full, you may not hear any bubbling until the water level in the AeroGarden drops. If your Tubing and Primer Pump do not contain bubbles, your system should be primed and ready to go. 

Need Help Troubleshooting? Try These Tips:

  1. AeroVoir will not appear to work if AeroGarden water level is at or near the fill line (or halfway filled on Classic 6).
  2. Look for bubbles in the top bend of the Outlet Tube. If bubbles are present, continue to prime Pump to remove bubbles. Be sure the end of Outlet Tube is completely submerged while priming.
  3. Make sure there are no kinks in the Tubing and that Tubing is not pinched beneath the Stand.

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