To transplant from the AeroGarden try these steps:


1)      Moisten some high quality potting soil (get a really good soil from your garden center or a hydroponic store)

2)      Remove plant from AeroGarden

3)      With heavy duty scissors carefully cut the basket in half lengthwise and remove the pod from the roots.

4)      Place roots into a 4 inch peat pot, holding top of pod level with top of pot

5)      Gently drop in soil around the roots, building up toward the top, so that when the last soil fills the pot, it is filling around the top of the pod

6)      Press down around the pod, gently, so compress the soil around the pod and support the plant

7)      Add more soil if needed

8)      Place pot in a well lit, but not sunny location for one week, keeping soil evenly moist (bottom watering is best for this)

9)      After a week, move to a sunny location or under grow lights

10)   After another week, start hardening off to move outside.  Place plants on a shady porch, first for an hour a day, then gradually increasing as they “harden”.  After about a week, if weather permits (above freezing) you can transplant them into the ground or outdoor containers.

11)   You can skip steps 1-9 if you harden off the plants well in advance of transplanting, but steps 1-9 really help the plants adjust to soil