Many of our larger, more powerful indoor garden models can connect to your Alexa-enabled device. This makes it even easier to get updates on your garden's health and status, as well as control your grow lights remotely!

If you're trying to connect your Bounty or Farm family garden to Alex, read on for easy instructions:

Step 1

Pair your Wi-Fi enabled AeroGarden to your AeroGarden App

  • The AeroGarden App is free and can be found in the Apple, Amazon, and Google Play App stores
  • Download the AeroGarden App and follow the pairing instructions to connect your garden system to the AeroGarden App.

Step 2

Open the Alexa App on your smart device and enable the AeroGarden skill.

Step 3

You'll need to give Alexa permission to access your AeroGarden. Sign in with the credentials you use on the AeroGarden app, then close the confirmation page.

Step 4

Select "Discover Devices" on the Discover Devices window that pops up.

Step 5

Alexa will go through the process of discovering devices. You will see the name you gave your AeroGarden when you set it up on the AeroGarden App. This is the name you will use to tell Alexa to turn on and off the lights

Now Test

Ask Alexa to turn your lights On or Off at any time without interrupting your pre programmed light cycles. Simply say something like “Alexa, turn my [AeroGarden Name] On” or “Alexa, turn off my [AeroGarden Name]” Alexa will know to respond to the name you have given your AeroGarden when you paired it to the AeroGarden App

For an illustrated walk through with app screenshots, click here!