The key to success with tomato plants is pruning! Below are links to four short courses in the pruning jobs you will encounter as they grow.   

-- Pruning AeroGarden tomatoes at 4-5 weeks. (The first pruning, at 4-5 weeks, is critical for building strong stems that will support fruit.)

-- Pruning AeroGarden tomatoes that have grown up into the lights (If your tomato plants  grow into the lights, you need to prune them to get more tomatoes in the long run at the expense, perhaps, of cutting off blossoms at the top of the plants). 

-- Ongoing pruning of mature AeroGarden tomatoes (It's  possible to grow tomato plants for a year or more, with continous harvests.  Here's what you need to know!)

-- Pruning for the technically-inclined (The theory of pruning.  There's more to it than you probably think!)