How to Set Up Your Harvest Elite

Are you ready to take your AeroGardening to the next level? Check out our Harvest and Bounty Elite model, which feature a digital display and illuminated push button controls that let you set your garden type and choose your light timings.

Here’s what you need to know to get started using this more sophisticated indoor garden.    

First, tell the garden what you’re planting.
Lightly touch the green leaf button to access the main menu, then push the green button again to access the controls. 

Scroll through the settings using the up/down arrows, and gently push the green leaf button when you see “Start A Garden.” Tap the green button to move forward. 

First, set your clock to your current time, adjusting the time with the arrows and moving to the next step with the green button. 

Next, choose your light cycle by telling the garden what you will be planting (e.g., herbs, lettuce, flowers, etc). You’ll notice differences in the amount of light different gardens need—flowers just need 15.5 hours each day, for example, while herbs require 17 hours. Use the up/down arrows to select your garden, then press the green button. Your setup is complete!  

If needed, adjust the timing of your lights.
To customize when the garden lights turn on each day, tap the green button to access the main menu, then tap again and scroll until you see “Set Light ON.” This is where you can set when you want your garden to turn on. Use the up/down arrows to select your desired time.  

Check the display for vital information. 
Unlike other AeroGarden models, the display on the Elite models shows you everything you need to know about your garden: how long since you planted it, and when it’s next due for plant food 

Be gentle with the buttons. 
The buttons are actually touch-sensitive, and don’t need much pressure to activate, so touch gently in order to avoid damaging your garden.  

View complete Harvest Elite setup instructions.

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