All of our Harvest Elite AeroGardens come with a digital display and illuminated push button controls, making it convenient for you to get the garden settings as exact as you would like. Fun fact, the buttons are actually touch-sensitive, rather than the typical buttons you would push down. The key thing to remember is to be gentle. The buttons do not move, but rather respond to the tap from your fingers. If you push too hard, you may damage your garden, and no one wants that. In our short little video, you will notice that the gentle push gives you all the control, from turning your light on and off to getting your preferences set.

When you start your garden, the first thing you want to do is adjust your settings. Lightly touch the green leaf button to get to the main menu, then push the green button again to access the controls. You may scroll through the settings with the up and down arrows, and the green leaf is the "okay" button. Hit the down arrow until you see "Start A Garden." Tap the green button to move forward. First, you will set your clock to your current time, adjusting the time with the arrows and moving to the next step with the green button. Then you will choose your light cycle by telling the garden what you will be planting. I.e. Herbs, lettuce, flowers ect. Once you have chosen your garden, your set-up is complete.

If you want to adjust when your garden lights turn on, you will once again tap the green button to access the main menu, then tap again and scroll until you see "Set Light ON." This is where you can set when you want your garden to turn on. For example, setting it at 8:00 AM means your garden will turn on every morning at 8:00 AM.

Please remember that the buttons on the Harvest Elite are not actual buttons that you push down, but touch sensitive. Be gentle and if you have any questions, please reach out to our wonderful Customer Service Team.