Did you know that you can grow strawberries in the AeroGarden?!

Yup, you read right!

The most practical way to grow them is by starting with small live plants that are already mature enough to have flowers. You can order strawberry crowns through us here, or you can get some at a local nursery. (Update, we no longer offer strawberry crowns, and recommend finding some from a local plant store or a reputable source.)

We have found two methods that work with our garden.

Method 1:

Here's what you will need to begin:
-An Bounty AeroGarden - best recommended size
-A Grow Bowl - For the Bounty or the Ultra Gardens - Update* We no longer sell grow bowls, but some still exist out there on Facebook, craiglist, ebay ect.
- Strawberry Crowns

When you purchase the Grow Bowl with Strawberry crowns it comes with the coco medium and detailed instructions on how to start. In short- You set up your grow bowl per instructions, cover it with the coco medium and then gently insert the strawberry crowns.

Method 2:

Here's what you will need to begin:
-An AeroGarden - Recommend the Bounty or any Farm Model.
-A Grow Anything Kit
- Strawberry Crowns

Here's what to do:
1) Rinse off all the dirt from the strawberry roots with room temperature
2) If the roots are small, use scissors to cut a wet grow sponge down half of
its length (more if the roots are long) and gently insert the roots into the
grow sponge. If the root mass is too big to insert into the grow sponge,
then just insert the roots directly into the plastic grow basket.
3) The "crown of the plant" - the growing tip - should be above the top of the grow sponge.

4) Insert the grow sponge through the grow basket label, if you are using
one, and then insert the grow basket into the grow deck of the
5) After you have planted all of your strawberry crowns, add the liquid plant food into the AeroGarden bowl and reset the nutrient timer. You should see new growth on your strawberry plants in 7-10 days!
6) When your nutrient timer comes on in two weeks, add nutrients as
instructed and reset the timer.

What's next?
Tending and harvesting your strawberry garden!

A little bit of care for your strawberries will ensure rapid growth and bountiful harvests. As your plants grow, you will start to see flowers, and before long you'll be harvesting your first crop of ripe, luscious strawberries.
Here's how to get the most from your plants: Keep the water topped up. Raise the grow lights as the plants grow, keep them 2-4 inches above the top of the plants. Prune your strawberry plants.

Pollinate strawberry flowers:
Check out our new video on 3 methods of pollinating!

Keep an eye on your garden:
As your strawberry plants grow, the older leaves will start to brown and die. This is perfectly normal. Remove the brown and dead leaves by cutting them at the base of the stem. To help prevent bugs keep the grow surface clear of dead leaves.

Harvest your strawberries!

Rinse and refill the AeroGarden bowl at least monthly – very important for
best growth and fruiting! How to Rinse & Refill Video.