Gift Guide for the Home Chef

What should you get for all the plant lovers in your life? Let us (the experts) help. We’ve curated the best gifts to help you check everyone off your list, including the cook! All these Seed Pod Kits are highly productive kits with large yields, guaranteed to satisfy the needs of any home chef!



Pizza Herbs Seed Pod Kit


Take your pizza to a whole new level! Enjoy fresh and flavorful herbs on your pizzas, salads and more with this high output kit for culinary classics.

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Pesto Basil Seed Pod Kit


The favorite basil of Italy, Genovese Basil is perfect for pesto! Our most productive Kit will make all the pesto your heart desires. Now you can grow fresh basil all year round, no matter the season!

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Chimichurri Seed Pod Kit


Bring the delicious South American flavor of chimichurri to your favorite savory dishes with this combination kit containing Cilantro, Oregano and Italian Parsley! Use as a rub or top onto some fries! The possibilities are endless.

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Salsa Garden Seed Pod Kit 


Grow vine ripened cherry tomatoes and spicy jalapeno peppers for making your own delicious salsas, sauces and chili.

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Bok Choi Seed Pod Kit


There’s no better way to enjoy Bok Choi than in a stir-fry with olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic. Ready to serve as is or add to your favorite meat or tofu dish!

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Southern Greens Seed Pod Kit 


Dark, leafy greens are packed with nutrients and delicious when braised as a side dish or added to soups and stews. This combination of Swiss Chard, Collard Greens and Dinosaur Kale makes it easier to eat your greens all year long.

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