Garden Starter Tray Tip -- Warm and Cool Crops

When starting plants in the Garden Starter System, keep in mind that different plants can hit the garden at different times.

Cool weather crops like lettuce, beets, spinach and broccolli can go out just as soon as you can work the soil -- early March in Colorado.

Warm weather crops like tomatoes, peppers and squash, can't be transplanted out until AFTER the last chance of frost (that's in mid-May here in Colorado).

One way to balance this is to space out your warm weather crops at intervals through the Garden Starter Tray. Then, as you transplant out the cold weather crops, your tomatoes and peppers will have more room to grow as they stay in the garden to keep warm and grow until they are ready.

4 thoughts on “Garden Starter Tray Tip -- Warm and Cool Crops”

  • I am planning on planting watermelon and cantalope in the starter garden. How well do these transplant into pots or directly into the garden and also is there enough space in the starter garden for this large of a seed and later plant? Thanks for your advise. Caleen

  • Melon and cantalope will both germinate well in the garden starter. Both become large-leafed, very quickly. I'm guessing you'll want to transplant out of the Garden Starter Tray at about 2.5 to 3 weeks old or they will block each others light (and everything else in the tray). A very viable method there is to start in the GST, and then transplant to peat pots with high quality potting soil for a week, harden them off for a full week, then tranplant into the garden. If you time it right though, you can just go straight from the GST to the garden (just plant the seeds late enough that you are past all danger of frost when they are ready to go).

  • I used the garder starter tray this spring. The spinach seeds, two different kinds, never germinated. They simply molded. What might be the problem?

    • If all the seeds did not germinate, and others did, the problem might be with the seeds. Spinach is a little persnickity, it can tend to like dryer conditions, cooler conditions, and darker conditions. That said, I've successfully started spinach in my Gareden Starter System many times, so it's pretty hard to diagnose on this specific batch.

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