Food Scares–When Fresh ISN’T Healthy

It seems like every few months we see stories like this one from CNN last week:

Illness fears spur romaine lettuce recall
Freshway Foods announced Thursday it is voluntarily recalling products containing romaine lettuce with a use-by date of May 12 or earlier because they may be contaminated with potentially deadly bacteria linked to an outbreak of illness. (see full article here:

The stories are similar. People are getting sick and lettuce, or chili peppers, or some other fresh vegetable is being recalled due to fears of e coli or other contamination. At AeroGrow, we believe that fresh food shouldn’t just be good for you, it should also not make you sick. While I say that with my tongue firmly in cheek, it’s one of the many reasons we set out to create AeroGardens. Giving people the ability to grow their own fresh lettuces, herbs and vegetables year round brings people one step closer to their food and knowing where it comes from, who has handled it, and how it’s been treated. When you watch your food grow on your kitchen counter you’re less likely to spray it with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides (and who knows what other ‘cides), because you know that sooner or later, you or a friend or family member is going to eat it. You’ll wash it in clean water (if you feel the need to wash it at all). And you’ll know that it’s as fresh and healthy as it can be, because you picked it yourself, minutes before enjoying it. Hopefully, that closer relationship with food gets people thinking about where the rest of their food comes from, and how sustainable, healthy and good for them (and the planet) all their food is. And if enough people start thinking about that, then maybe articles like the one above can become a thing of the past.

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