Add a spicy kick to chicken wings or spareribs.

1) Add lime juice to “Vinegar, Citrus or Wine#1” line on the Herb ‘n Serve.

2) Add a handful of AeroGarden oregano.

3) Turn ON Herb ’n Serve until herbs are chopped.

4) Turn OFF & add dark rum to “Vinegar, Citrus or Wine #2” line on the Herb ‘n Serve.

5) Add peanut oil to “Oil” line on the Herb n’ Serve

6) Add 1 tbsp diced jalapeño chili pepper (or other AeroGarden chili pepper).

7) Add 3 garlic cloves, minced.

8) Add 1 tbsp lime zest.

9) Add salt and pepper to taste.

10) Turn ON the Herb ’n Serve to mix ingredients.