With the introduction of our new Fairy Tale Eggplant Seed Pod Kit, we've gotten many questions about harvesting this beautiful and delicious vegetable. If you've got questions about taking care of this trendy and tasty plant, read on!

Something to remember about the Fairy Tale Eggplant is that much of the care is identical to any other flowering fruit or vegetable you may grow in an AeroGarden. It's important to give your plants room to grow, so we recommend putting no more than 3 seed pods into your tall garden (Bounty, Farm Plus or Farm XL) and covering the remaining holes with spacers.

You also want to make sure you're pollinating those blossoms when they start to appear. Otherwise, they will simply fall off and you won't get any fruit. You can pollinate the plant easily with our Be the Bee tool, by shaking the leaves and branches every day or by running a fan pointed at your plants while the grow lights are illuminated. Read more about our pollination tips here.

One thing that can be unique to tending to this plant is its large leaves. The leaves can block light from reaching the understory of the plant, stunting growth and preventing fruit from forming. Don't be afraid to remove any leaves that are fully blocking light from reaching the lower portion of the plant.

Finally, once you've got beautiful purple and white fruit appearing on your plants, you'll soon be ready to harvest. Fairy Tale Eggplants taste best when they are between 3-4 inches long and have bright, shiny skins. If they get too large, they'll lose the shine and begin to look dull. These dull eggplants will taste more bitter, so you want to make sure you're harvesting before that lose that sheen on their purple and white mottled skins.