Explore the Features of the Bounty Elite

If you’re serious about making the most of your indoor herb and vegetable garden, meet the Bounty Elite. With room for 9 plants and a larger garden bowl (read: less time refilling), this model is also easiest to custom program. You can even temporarily dim the lights at the touch of a button!

Here’s how to take advantage of the features of this sophisticated indoor gardening system. 

First, set up your new garden. 
Touch the Quick Plant button to access the Garden Settings, then select what you’re growing. Set your clock to your current time if need be. The Bounty Elite will automatically set the correct light configuration and timing. 

Once you’re set up, use the Garden Settings menu to adjust and test the pump, and customize your Plant Food cycle, if needed. 

Temporarily dim or turn off the lights.
Need a little less light in your grow space (say, for a romantic dinner)? Touch the arrow buttons in the Light Options section to customize your light level. Once selected, the light will remain dimmed at the percentage selected until the next time it is set to go off. To turn off the lights fully, touch the Light On/Off button. Occasional use of either feature will not harm your plants.

Set the lights to mimic sunrise and sunset.
Touch the Sunrise button in the Light Options section to set your lights to gradually brighten when turning on, and slowly dim when the light cycle is finished. This mode makes for a more pleasant lighting experience, and is even better for your plants! 

Take a vacation.
Headed out? Simply touch the Vacation Mode button. This mode shortens your Light On period, which cuts the water needed to about half. While it reduces overall yields, it can be a helpful way to ensure your plants are continuing to get the water they need while you’re away. Just make sure to switch it off when you’re home!  

Connect to Wi-Fi and download the AeroGarden Wi-Fi app.
Set up notifications, such as when water or plant food is needed, to be delivered directly to your phone! You can also adjust light settings, get growing tips, and take and store pics of your ever-changing garden right from the app. 

Check the display for vital information. 
Unlike other AeroGarden models, the display on the Elite models shows you everything you need to know about your garden: your water level, how long since you planted it, and when it’s next due for plant food.  

Be gentle with the buttons. 
The buttons are actually touch-sensitive, and don’t need much pressure to activate, so touch gently in order to avoid damaging your garden.  

View complete Bounty Elite setup instructions.

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