Edible Flower Cookies

Did you know we sell a seed kit that features all edible flowers? Not only are they vibrant and beautiful, you can use them in your meals too! 

The Incredible Edibles Seed Pod Kit grows great in any garden you may have. 

You can use the flowers in a number of recipes like adding them to your salads, pastas, or even cookies!

Buzzfeed made a great video on how to use the flowers in the kit to create the most darling cooking, you can view it here

Comment with some dishes you have made with edible flowers, we would love to know! 

4 thoughts on “Edible Flower Cookies”

  • After growing a plethora of lavender with my aerogarden, I decided to make lavender short bread cookies. They were nothing short of delicious and a big hit with the whole family.

  • Jeannette Marshall February 23, 2020 at 9:43 am

    Where is the recipe for the edible flower cookies? I seem to be in an endless loop of clicking on things trying to find it.

    • Hello Jeanette! Sorry that link was hard to find. You can go to the recipe video here: https://www.buzzfeed.com/macysgoodful/edible-flower-cookies. Be sure to click play on the large image on this page. The recipe is only played in the video. There's no text version to read.

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