Does the AeroGarden help me reduce my carbon footprint?

Growing food aeroponically at home in the energy-efficient AeroGarden is a great way to reduce your “food miles,” or the distance your food must travel between the field and your plate, thus reducing your carbon footprint. Growing food at home in your AeroGarden: 

  • – Produces only about half the carbon of a comparable amount of food grown and shipped from field to home.1
  • – Eliminates food miles (on average in the U.S., produce is shipped 1500 miles).
  • – Encourages preparing and eating meals at home.
  • – Fresh food uses less carbon to produce than processed, packaged food.

In addition to these Earth-friendly benefits, growing food at home in the AeroGarden: 

  • – Increases oxygen in the home 
  • – May result in consuming more fruits and vegetables

AeroGrow is committed to continuously improving AeroGarden products to increase efficiency and reduce waste. For more information on AeroGrow and AeroGarden sustainability, please click here.

 **Comparing CO2 emitted by an average U.S. power plant with an average mix of fuels to generate the electricity required to power a 7-pod AeroGarden to grow a Salad Bar Series Seed Kit, to the CO2 emitted when transporting an equivalent number of bags of lettuce from field to store to home.

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