Cleaning Your Garden Is Easy!

Originally posted on July 17, 2017

Before starting a new Seed Pod Kit, you’ll want to clean your garden for a fresh start. Be careful you don't throw away your filter by accident! It's easy to do when removing plant roots. filter for AeroGarden pump

Start by dismantling your garden and cleaning out your plants and any leftover roots.

Roots can grow into the filter, so be sure to clean it out and reinstall after you've finished cleaning the bowl. If the filter looks too worn, replace the filter to prolong the life of your pump.

While you are doing maintenance on your garden, you may want to consider using Airstones. This will give plants growing in older model gardens that use aerators and bubblers an oxygen boost for better growth! 

After each planting, you should clean and sanitize your AeroGarden. This helps prevent the growth of root pathogens that can destroy your crop.

If you have a dishwasher:

  • Put your grow deck and bowl in the top rack of the dishwasher
  • Run through a regular cycle
  • Reassemble and start your next garden


If you don't have a dishwasher:

  • Fill the bowl with either water and a ¼ cup of chlorine bleach OR just 5 cups of distilled white vinegar. No need to use water if you're using the vinegar. Vinegar will also help prevent and clean up mineral deposits in your garden.
  • Let the water pump or aerator circulate the bleach solution for 5 minutes
  • Empty the bleach solution, rinse well, and then fill with clear water (no bleach)
  • Allow the pump or aerator to circulate the clear water for 5 minutes
  • Empty and rinse once more to ensure that all bleach is rinsed from bowl
  • Reassemble and start your next garden

7 thoughts on “Cleaning Your Garden Is Easy!”

  • Could you post some suggestions for cleaning the white residue that forms on the edges of the aerogarden?

    Thank you!

    • Sometimes a white residue forms on the edges of the AeroGarden water bowl. It is most likely calcium residue that can build up over time - sometimes due to a higher concentration in the local water source. Vinegar is a great way to get this off the AeroGarden - but make sure to keep your plants out of the way. We suggest taking any live plants out of your AeroGarden and then rinsing out all of the water. Before you add fresh, take a paper towel (or something similar), dip it in vinegar, and wipe away the white buildup. Rinse the water bowl very well before you add fresh water and your plants. You can also use the towel with vinegar to wipe the white residue off the top of the tray where the plants sit. Be careful not to get vinegar on your plants. Rinse and refill the water in your AeroGarden regularly (every 4-6 weeks) to keep the water bowl clean and your plants happy and healthy!

  • Hi,
    I am hoping to order a new filter and a replacement of the cover for the water and plant food opening.

    Also the entire 9 pack of bok chow i ordered and received appears to have deformities. There are yellowish spots on the leaves and they do not grow well. Has this been a problem for other customers?

    All of my other plants have grown well and i enjoy my aerogarden.

    Thank you for your help.

    • Hi Tammy,

      Our Customer Service team would be happy to help you with your replacement parts and bok choi questions. You can reach them Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm MST at 1.800.476.9669 in the US and 1.800.611.9058 in Canada. Or you can contact them through Live Chat on the AeroGarden website. Good luck!

  • It says you can put the bowl in the dishwasher. What about the wire for the pump?

    • Hi Susan! Yes, the bowl can go into the dishwasher, including the wire that connects the pump in the bowl to the base. I know it seems weird to put that wire in the dishwasher but it's completely safe. Just make sure it's in the top rack and that you've removed the filter from the pump.

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