Chervil: the new parsley

Photo of chervil

Chervil's delicate parsley-anise flavor dresses up  egg and vegetable dishes and it can be used in place of parsley -   for example,  as a salad herb - to kick up your cooking. Although chervil leaves resemble parsley,  the plant  is an attractive, compact ferny shrub that grows fairly quickly once established  -  you can harvest it frequently. We encourage you to take advantage of all the different herbs you can grow in your AeroGarden!  It's almost impossible to do something "wrong" with  herbs, as you will discover when you experiment with them, and there is no substitute for fresh.



3 thoughts on “Chervil: the new parsley”

  • Parsley is great,without it,I don't think a meal can be perfect.


    You need to create a model that is much LONGER than the ones you have. This will allow someone to grow more vegetables, etc. The ones you have are like a hobby and not for serious growing. The longer models need to be inexpensive. They can be placed on the floor of an apartment, in a closet or in a garage, or on a roof. I would not buy the models now because they are too small and I do not want to be forced to buy multiple models. I think a lot of buyers are thinking the same way

    Create a prototype and see how many people will buy it.

    • Hi, David. We are always experimenting with new models, but there is a long lead time for development. We spent four years on the first model before ever selling one. However, one problem with a super tall Aerogarden is that you run into a law of physics that says, in effect, light intensity varies wtih the square of the distance from the source. This means that an AeroGarden four times taller than present models would require a LOT more than just four times the light of the current AeroGardens. That's a lot of grow lights, a lot of electricity, and it wouldn't be inexpensive!

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