Change Grow Lights Every 6 Months for Best Growth

AeroGarden grow lights are specially designed to deliver the maximum light plants can use, with the lowest possible energy use.  Like most lights, the total lumen output can drop over time.  We've found that at about 6 months, light output drops to a point that it starts to impact plant growth.  Plants can start to "stretch" for the light and look a bit scrawnier than previous crops.  For that reason we recommend changing grow lights every 6 months for best growth.

This is especially true for fruiting plants like tomatoes and peppers, where lower light levels can cause flowers not to set fruit.  The more light you have, the more fruit you get.

Even though the light may look the same to you, your plants know the difference, and you'll often immediately see improved growth when you change bulbs.

4 thoughts on “Change Grow Lights Every 6 Months for Best Growth”

  • I ordered replacement light bulbs for my aerogarden, and they will not fit. Looking at the website, the bulbs appeared to be flat, rather than cylindrical. So I called customer service, and was told that the bulbs would indeed, be cylindrical when I received them, as they no longer used the flat ones. The round lights are a better design, she said. When I received the bulbs, they were flat, so I called again, and was told the opposite. The gentleman said they no longer use the round bulbs, as the flat ones are a superior design, but not to worry, they would fit just the same. These bulbs will not fit in my aerograden, as they are too wide to fit under the hood. Now, I am limping along on 2 old, obviously dimmer-than-new bulbs, and have 2 new ones which I can't install. Add this to the pods which didn't germinate, and the mislabeled "basil", which grew to be thyme, and I can't help wondering what kind of an operation you are running here. I would appreciate some feedback ASAP.

    • Donna the flat bulbs are the new bulbs, and with just a few exceptions (the "Ultimate Kitchen Garden" model) will fit any 1 or 2 bulb AeroGarden you have. If you had the round bulbs before, the new flat bulbs WILL go in as long as you were sent "bulbs for 1 and 2 bulb AeroGardens."

      Since you're having trouble installing the new lights I'd like to have you talk with one of our most senior garden experts. If you email me your name and number I'll have one reach out to you. You can send it to me at Thanks!

  • Q,why are my bell peppers so small,i know there ripe,they are turning red.does light have anything to do with it?

    • In an indoor garden, light is one of the most critical components and can impact fruit size, as well as how much the plant flowers and how many of those flowers turn into fruit. However the biggest issue here is likely variety. The giant grocery store bell peppers we're used to grow on really large plants. Because we're growing indoors, we selected plant varieties that would fit in an AeroGarden. These do produce wonderful, sweet fruit, but they are usually half to three quarters as big as the grocery store variety. Picked at peak ripeness, you'll find them sweeter and more flavorfull than the store bought varieties.

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