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  1. Best Seeds to Start Indoors

    Best Seeds to Start Indoors
    Did you know that not all seed varieties need to be started indoors before transplanting? There are some seeds that actually prefer to start outdoors in soil. But here are the seeds that do best when sprouted indoors, like in an AeroGarden, where conditions are optimal for starting those little sprouts, and can then be transferred to your traditional beds...
  2. Tips for Successful Planting

    Tips for Successful Planting
    Plants grown in the AeroGarden develop excellent root systems for transplanting into dirt. Here are a few tips for maximizing your success: 1. Prevent transplant shock by hardening your plants off for increasing amounts of time each day until you transplant. Skipping this step is the most common mistake new gardeners make when transplanting plants outdoors. Plants need to “toughen...
  3. Why Start Seeds at Home?

    Why Start Seeds at Home?
    Expert gardeners know that starting seedlings at home has plenty of advantages over buying starts at the nursery, including:   1. Big Savings – Seeds cost a fraction of what grown plants cost from the nursery. Save hundreds of dollars starting from seeds at home! 2. Big Variety – Your local nursery will sell dozens of varieties of tomato seeds...

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