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  1. Basil Blueberry Muffins

    Basil Blueberry Muffins
    Thanks to one of our new AeroGardeners, we now have an amazing recipe that features AeroGarden grown Basil. Yum!If you want to try a fresh new twist on the classic blueberry muffins, then this is a must try recipe. Ingredients: 1 Whisked Egg1 Cup Milk1/4 Cup Honey1.5 Cup Pancake mix1 tbsp Chopped AeroGarden Basil1/2 Cup Blueberries1Tsp orange zest. Dry Pancake...
  2. Which In-Home Garden System is Right for You?

    Which In-Home Garden System is Right for You?
    Find the Right AeroGarden for You There are many reasons to want an indoor garden in your life. Recent technological innovations like the AeroGarden make indoor gardening easy, inexpensive, high yielding and mess free. AeroGardens take out all the guess work in gardening with our wide array of gardens ranging from small 2 pod systems up to 24 pod large...
  3. Purple Hearts!

    Purple Hearts!
    This week’s Facebook Photo of the Week Winner goes to Lorenzo Schenk with his amazing looking Purple Heart flowers growing in the AeroGarden Ultra. Thanks for posting, Lorenzo!
  4. A Wall of Gardens!

    A Wall of Gardens!
    This week’s Facebook Photo of the Week Winner goes to Karen Manson with her beautiful display of AeroGarden’s throughout her kitchen! We can’t wait to see how your flowers and herbs grow in the weeks to come. - Thanks for posting, Karen!
  5. Budding to Life!

    Budding to Life!
    Photo of the Week from Shawna Melton. This close up shows beautiful green leaves AND the most exciting part of growing . . . a tiny bud that will grow up to be a tasty pepper! Remember to pollinate the flowers when they appear; just a gentle shake of the plants should do it. And thanks for mentioning the 'rinse...
  6. Personalize your AeroGarden!

    Personalize your AeroGarden!
    Photo of the Week from Nathan Holmes, right here at AeroGrow headquarters. This is an easy and inexpensive way to personalize your garden. Have fun with your AeroGarden! Add some gnomes, fairies, action figures, or whatever makes you happy. Thanks for posting, Nathan.
  7. Starting Poinsettias!

    Starting Poinsettias!
    Photo of the Week from Andrew LeBanc. Thanks for demonstrating this fun and economical way to start Poinsettia cuttings using the Seed Starting System. Keep us posted on their progress, we would love to see them as they grow and bloom!
  8. Never Ending Tomato Plants!

    Never Ending Tomato Plants!
    Photo of the Week from Pam Wilkinson. Thank you for sharing this great photo of the Never Ending Tomato Plants! Occasionally we hear from customers who report that their tomatoes or peppers have been producing fruit for a year or more, but a picture is worth a thousand words  Great tips for supporting and pollinating the plants too! Thanks again Pam...
  9. Learning To Grow FRESH!

    Learning To Grow FRESH!
    Check out Mayor Larry Johnson visiting Mrs. Young’s class at Vista Elementary School in Taylorsville, Utah where they learned about plants and healthy eating by growing lettuce in an AeroGarden!
  10. Here Come The Hot Peppers!

    Here Come The Hot Peppers!
    Facebook Photo of the Week from Steven Barnes. We love seeing the progress from tiny seedlings to a full, flourishing garden. Looks like some tasty hot peppers are coming soon! Thanks for sharing your photos, and keep them coming. Steven, please email [email protected] to claim the seed kit of your choice.

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