Indoor Gardening Tips

  1. My tomatoes have grown up into the lights! What do I do?

     All tomato varieties selected by AeroGarden seed kit creators are chosen for their compact growth patterns for maximum success in the AeroGarden. However, each individual tomato plant is unique and some tomato plants can start growing and stretching more than others at mature stages. Always extend your light to at least 3-5 in away from the tops of plants. If you are...
  2. Tips For Beginner AeroGardeners

    Tips For Beginner AeroGardeners
    It seems that many good boys and girls will be opening up brand new AeroGardens on Christmas morning this year, so we wanted to share these very helpful tips for beginner AeroGardeners, brought to you by Buzzfeed. You can get the Goodful brand Harvest Slim AeroGarden any time of year at Macy's stores across the country. Plus the new Tasty...
  3. Ingenious Hack For Glue On Seed Pod Labels

    Ingenious Hack For Glue On Seed Pod Labels
    We love seeing all of the fun and unique plant varieties AeroGardeners are growing. That's why we offer the Grow Anything kits. They come with everything you need to grow your own favorite seeds in your AeroGarden, including baskets, grow sponges and the labels that help you identify the plant AND keep out pesky light. But getting those labels onto...
  4. Which In-Home Garden System is Right for You?

    Which In-Home Garden System is Right for You?
    Find the Right AeroGarden for You There are many reasons to want an indoor garden in your life. Recent technological innovations like the AeroGarden make indoor gardening easy, inexpensive, high yielding and mess free. AeroGardens take out all the guess work in gardening with our wide array of gardens ranging from small 2 pod systems up to 24 pod large...
  5. My plants aren't growing/appear unhealthy

    My plants aren't growing/appear unhealthy
    If your seeds germinated but plant growth is stalled or the plants look unhealthy, it's not because they are "defective;" either they are not getting something they need, or they are getting something they don't need. Here's what to check: LIGHTS: The Grow Light Hood should be set to the lowest posible position on the Light Post when starting a new seed...
  6. How to Prune Your Favorite Herbs

    How to Prune Your Favorite Herbs
    In the videos below, we show you how to go about pruning and harvesting from your favorite herbs, like basil and parsley. Back To Indoor Gardening Month
  7. Indoor Gardening 101: Endless Possibilities

    Indoor Gardening 101: Endless Possibilities
    You Really Can Grow Anything Modern indoor gardens can provide food, flowers and experiences that were impossible in years past without your own personal greenhouse. Here are our favorite five indoor gardens: Fresh Herbs The ability to grow fresh culinary herbs, right in the kitchen, in large enough quantities to actually cook with, is a fairly recent development. Several AeroGarden...
  8. Best Seeds to Start Indoors

    Best Seeds to Start Indoors
    Did you know that not all seed varieties need to be started indoors before transplanting? There are some seeds that actually prefer to start outdoors in soil. But here are the seeds that do best when sprouted indoors, like in an AeroGarden, where conditions are optimal for starting those little sprouts, and can then be transferred to your traditional beds...
  9. Tips for Tending to Lettuce

    Tips for Tending to Lettuce
    Lettuce is one of the fastest growing indoor crops you can grow, and it's a staple.  Who doesn't love to be healthy with delicious home-grown lettuce, or add a fresh leaf of romaine on their sandwich, or a salad of tasty arugula? And with AeroGarden, you can enjoy delicious Spring greens all throughout fall and winter! Here are a few...
  10. Cleaning Your Garden Is Easy!

    Cleaning Your Garden Is Easy!
    Originally posted on July 17, 2017 Before starting a new Seed Pod Kit, you’ll want to clean your garden for a fresh start. Be careful you don't throw away your filter by accident! It's easy to do when removing plant roots. Start by dismantling your garden and cleaning out your plants and any leftover roots. Roots can grow into the...

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