Indoor Gardening Tips

  1. Bad Garden Bugs

    Bad Garden Bugs
    Part 1 Little bugs can find their way to your garden by riding in on clothing, on other plants or produce, or through an open window or door. If you find some unwanted guests, spray your plants with water to wash them off. Make sure you spray UNDER the leaves as bugs usually reside there. For more persistent pests, an...
  2. Seed Pod Growth

    Seed Pod Growth
    If mixing different types of Seed Pods together in one garden, remember to prune faster growing plants from the top so the Light Hood remains at the lowest position until all plants are well established. Tomatoes should not be mixed with other plants, as they spread out substantially as they grow. Other smaller plants will not get enough light and nutrient...

    Top Tips for Great Growth Set your Light Hood/Grow Lights to the lowest position when starting a new Seed Pod Kit. Always keep your Grow Lights as close to your plants as possible, taking care to trim back the tallest plants so they do not actually touch the Grow Lights. As they mature, plants should be 1 - 2 inches...

    WATER 1. Adding Water Add water to “Fill To Here” indicator located under the Water Port flap. Use room temperature tap water or bottled distilled water. Do not use well water which may interfere with our nutrients, or softened water, as it contains levels of sodium usually harmful to plants. The 'Add Water' reminder alert will appear on the control...
  5. Guess What's Growing Wednesday

    Guess What's Growing Wednesday
    Happy Wednesday, AeroGardeners! Today is “Guess What’s Growing Wednesdays”! Going from green, to purple, to a bright red when ripe, this pepper packs punch. Do you know this pepper? Let us know by posting on our facebook page. #guesswhatisgrowingwednesdays #aerogarden
  6. Photo of the Week Winner!

    Photo of the Week Winner!
    Happy Friday, AeroGardeners! This weeks “Photo of the Week” winner is Cindy Gubanics, with her purple petunias. Happy Growing! Congratulations, Cindy! Please email [email protected] to claim a seed kit of your choice ($17.95 Value)
  7. Nicole's Garden

    Nicole's Garden
    Happy Tuesday AeroGardeners, read how NASA toxicologist and scientist Dr. Noreen Khan-Mayberry is educating the community by using AeroGardens.
  8. Photo of the Week!

    Photo of the Week!
    Happy Friday AeroGardens, this weeks “Photo of the Week” winner is Shawn Stevens! Look at those pepper plants coming along. Congratulations Shawn! Please email [email protected] to claim a seed kit of your choice ($17.95 Value). ‪#‎photooftheweek‬‪#‎aerogarden‬ ‪#‎pepper‬
  9. 10 Healthy Herbs and How to Use Them

    10 Healthy Herbs and How to Use Them
    Learn which herbs are the best for you and your families health, by going to the article below. Courtesy of  
  10. Photo of the Week DEADLINE!

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