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  1. How to use the AeroVoir

    The AeroVoir is a great accessory to use with the AeroGardens. You can utilize the AeroVoir to ensure the water in your grow bowl stays full when you are not at home, or even when you are home! How To Get Started! All you will need to do is fill up the AeroVoir tank with water, insert the hard L-shaped...
  2. How To Connect To Alexa With Your AeroGarden

    How To Connect To Alexa With Your AeroGarden
    Many of our larger, more powerful indoor garden models can connect to your Alexa-enabled device. This makes it even easier to get updates on your garden's health and status, as well as control your grow lights remotely! If you're trying to connect your Bounty or Farm family garden to Alex, read on for easy instructions: Step 1 Pair your Wi-Fi...
  3. Lavender Essentials

    Lavender Essentials
    From soap to tea to ice cream, this sweet and floral perennial is a favorite addition to tons of products you probably have at home. But did you know it’s super easy to grow in your AeroGarden? It not only looks great, but you can get a wonderful whiff of this relaxing scent by just running your hand across the...
  4. Fairy Tale Eggplant - Care and Harvest

    Fairy Tale Eggplant - Care and Harvest
    With the introduction of our new Fairy Tale Eggplant Seed Pod Kit, we've gotten many questions about harvesting this beautiful and delicious vegetable. If you've got questions about taking care of this trendy and tasty plant, read on! Something to remember about the Fairy Tale Eggplant is that much of the care is identical to any other flowering fruit or...
  5. Harvest Elite Button Settings

    Harvest Elite Button Settings
    All of our Harvest Elite AeroGardens come with a digital display and illuminated push button controls, making it convenient for you to get the garden settings as exact as you would like. Fun fact, the buttons are actually touch-sensitive, rather than the typical buttons you would push down. The key thing to remember is to be gentle. The buttons do...
  6. Bamboo Garden Wall Shelf Set-Up

    Bamboo Garden Wall Shelf Set-Up
    A quick guide on how to set up the Bamboo Wall Shelf
  7. Tips For Beginner AeroGardeners

    Tips For Beginner AeroGardeners
    It seems that many good boys and girls will be opening up brand new AeroGardens on Christmas morning this year, so we wanted to share these very helpful tips for beginner AeroGardeners, brought to you by Buzzfeed. You can get the Goodful brand Harvest Slim AeroGarden any time of year at Macy's stores across the country. Plus the new Tasty...
  8. Ingenious Hack For Glue On Seed Pod Labels

    Ingenious Hack For Glue On Seed Pod Labels
    We love seeing all of the fun and unique plant varieties AeroGardeners are growing. That's why we offer the Grow Anything kits. They come with everything you need to grow your own favorite seeds in your AeroGarden, including baskets, grow sponges and the labels that help you identify the plant AND keep out pesky light. But getting those labels onto...
  9. Which In-Home Garden System is Right for You?

    Which In-Home Garden System is Right for You?
    Find the Right AeroGarden for You There are many reasons to want an indoor garden in your life. Recent technological innovations like the AeroGarden make indoor gardening easy, inexpensive, high yielding and mess free. AeroGardens take out all the guess work in gardening with our wide array of gardens ranging from small 2 pod systems up to 24 pod large...
  10. Bounty vs. Bounty: What a difference 4 years makes

    Bounty vs. Bounty: What a difference 4 years makes
    It’s been four years since we launched our first 9-pod Bounty AeroGardens, and in 2019 we decided to upgrade them all.  We learned a lot in those four years about making great gardens, and we tried to make significant upgrades to everything we could. These new Bounty gardens are better performing, producing fuller plants and larger harvests, and are more...

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