One of our colleagues here at AeroGrow is currently growing a Szechuan / Toothache plant in their Bounty Elite AeroGarden. Have you ever heard of the Szechuan Buttons or Buzz Buttons? The plant itself is beautiful, and absolutely loves the AeroGarden, cascading around with very minimal attention needed.

It's so large and happy, you can't even see the AeroGarden!

The real fun is the effects that it has on people when you ingest the flower or even the leaves. Some common ways of explaining the feelings are, "They possess a slightly bitter, herb flavor that isn’t unusual, but a few seconds after consuming them something very interesting begins to happen in your mouth! You experience a tingling sensation, almost like mild voltage or bubbles, popping on the tongue."

Others say, "It initially feels like pop-rocks and then gradually turns into a cooling effect, like if you just had a very powerful mint, but without the mint flavor."

The most common thing we have heard is, "WOAH, What is happening....this is crazy!"

Are you intrigued yet?

Well, we had some fun here at the office, catching everyone's reaction (who ever was brave enough to try) and the results were quite entertaining.

We also decided to try and incorporate them into a cocktail. We went with the simple yet refreshing Moscow Mule, but you really can incorporate the flower into any of your favorite cocktails.

Thanks to Marxfood/Recipes blog post, we now know that you can use the buttons as a garnish, muddled into the drink, or infused into the alcohol. You can read more into detail about that on their blog here.

If you want to experience the strange sensation for yourself, purchase one of our Grow Anything Kits, get yourself some seeds, and grow them in your AeroGarden!

What would you do with your Buzz Buttons? We would love to hear!