Bounty vs. Bounty: What a difference 4 years makes

It’s been four years since we launched our first 9-pod Bounty AeroGardens, and in 2019 we decided to upgrade them all.  We learned a lot in those four years about making great gardens, and we tried to make significant upgrades to everything we could. These new Bounty gardens are better performing, producing fuller plants and larger harvests, and are more functional, with sturdier construction and improved features that make operating them easier and more convenient than ever. But a lot of you wanted all the details – so we’ve put some of the high-impact feature upgrades into a side by side comparison of each new garden to its predecessor, from the Ultra to the Bounty Elite Classic.

In addition to all the upgrades listed below, there are dozens of other improvements in each new Bounty model, from sturdier construction, a sleeker profile, a vastly improved and expandable trellis system, an innovative grow-deck support system for supporting plants during water changes, and lots more.

The Ultra vs. The Bounty Basic

Ultra Bounty Basic  
30W grow light 30W grow light LED technology has come a long way in 6 years, and the new LEDs on the new Bounty Basic provide much more light, power and efficiency for the same wattage.



We increased the number of plants this value-priced garden can grow to keep it aligned with our entire Bounty family. Who doesn’t love more plants?!

Digital display with push button controls

Hi-resolution display with touch sensor buttons

This control panel is leagues ahead of the old Ultra. The read out is crisp and clear and provides a better visual understanding of your garden

Nutrient, light and water indicators

Care indicators, 3-step water level indicator, tips & tricks

The reminders and information available for your garden in this control panel are much more advanced than in the Ultra. You get more information about your garden, so you can take even better care of your plants

No vacation mode

Vacation Mode

With vacation mode, you can lower your garden’s water usage and keep your plants alive even if you’re not home for an extended period of time.

So the Bounty Basic is really the next evolution of our older, 7-pod garden models. But, what about the Bounty itself? How could this great, 9-pod garden be improved upon? Let’s see how the new Bounty stacks up against its predecessor:

The Bounty Classic vs. The Bounty 2019

Bounty Classic

Bounty 2019


45W Grow Light

40W Grow light

As with the Bounty Basic, the LED Grow Lights on the New Bounty are significantly more powerful than previous models. The improved technology allows us to make the gardens more efficient, while supporting larger and more productive plants.  In our tests, we saw 20% more growth with the new Bounty!

4450 mL Water Bowl

4700 mL Water Bowl

More water, same footprint. So you can go longer between garden fill ups without sacrificing that valuable counter space.

9-pod Grow Deck

9-pod Grow Deck with root stand and optimized layout

Same number of pods, BUT the layout on the redesigned grow deck gives your plants more room to mature and fill out, while the added root stand makes it easy to set your plants aside while you refill your water or clean your water bowl.

Externally affixed touchscreen control panel

Sleek, integrated, high-resolution, full-color touchscreen control panel with improved navigation

The images and text on this new touchscreen will blow you away. From the water level indicator to the integrated care tips, everything has been thoughtfully designed and executed beautifully for a digital read out that is perfectly clear from every angle.

On or Off Grow Light settings

Dimming Grow Light

The Grow Lights on the new Bounty can be reduced to 30% strength with the touch of a button. So set the mood and bring down the lights, without affecting your plants’ growth.

No Vacation Mode

Vacation Mode

Go away for a week’s vacation while the garden adjusts to use up to 80% less water while you are gone.

No Wifi

Wifi enabled and Alexa compatible

Wifi and Alexa come standard with the new Bounty. So your care reminders and notices come to your phone, and you can ask Alexa to tell you the status of your garden so you’re always in the know.

The new Bounty isn’t just a facelift, it’s an entirely new garden with features our customers have been wanting for years. And the improvements keep coming with our new Bounty Elite and Bounty Elite Artisan, from infinitely dimmable lighting to the premium-quality ceramic water bowl.

We love hearing the feedback on our new products, so please keep the comments coming. Tell us how you’re loving your brand new Bounty family garden, or if you have questions on what to expect with these new indoor garden models. You can leave your comments here on the blog, or on our Facebook page. Happy growing!

27 thoughts on “Bounty vs. Bounty: What a difference 4 years makes”

  • I am hoping to find a refurbished bounty classic. I live on ss and can not afford a new garden. Can you please let me know if you ever hear of a decent bounty classic. Thank, Syd Harper

    • Hi Syd! If you're on Facebook, the fan page AeroGarden Enthusiasts might be a helpful place for finding gardens that need new homes. Good luck!

  • I purchased a harvest 360, but feel I need the Bounty because of the extra height. I have looked every where to find the dimension of the Bounty as I have limited space in kitchen may have to move to my living room. Could you please let me know the dimensions. Thank you in advance Deanna Finnerty

    • The new 2019 Bounty family of gardens have a width of 17.25 inches, a depth of 11.25 inches when the integrated control panel is included, and maximum height of 34" when the light hood is fully extended. Hope this helps!

      • The Bounty 2019 has 24" of grow height, as does the Farm garden. 34" as stated above is perhaps a typo.

        • You're right Mary! The Bounty family of gardens has a grow height maximum of 24" I couldn't find the reference to 34" in the post, so I wasn't able to fix that. But thanks for pointing that out!

          • Hi Tina,

            From your post of January 6th:
            "The new 2019 Bounty family of gardens have a width of 17.25 inches, a depth of 11.25 inches when the integrated control panel is included, and maximum height of 34" when the light hood is fully extended. Hope this helps!"
            I really enjoy my Bounty Basic and Bounty, BTW. I've planted 2 Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes, 2 Kale Mixes, 2 Fairy Tale Eggplants... all are thriving!
            Thanks for all your support on this AG site.

            • Ah, I see what you mean. This can be confusing! The 34" is inclusive of the bowl height, so people know exactly how tall a fully extended garden will be, for placement measuring.

              So happy to hear your garden is growing so well! I really love our new Fairy Tale Eggplant kit - the blooms are beautiful and the fruit is delicious. Happy growing!

  • In considering the purchase of a 2019 bounty, my only concern is it's weight and bulkiness when changing water. I can handle my harvests, but I'm a small senior and have high countertops and sinks. So how much heavier would a full bounty be?

    • A full Bounty bowl would weigh approximately 9lbs. I would recommend getting a Rinse and Refill siphon, so you can empty the water without lifting the bowl.

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  • Mary Fitzpatrick March 30, 2020 at 3:24 am

    I wish you provided more complete technical spec across all machines in each family, like a chart showing water capacity, wattage, wifi or no, infinitely dommable. Any feature you tout for one garden should be specfied for all, as present, absent, numerical capacity or output, whatever.
    Likewise, what does "elite" mean? Is it an identical package of features across all garden families? Or is it just a marketing word to justify a higher price? Is it identifying functional differences or just cosmetic?
    A bit more clarity and comprehensiveness please. Probably would save you a lot of inquiries.

    • Thanks for the call out. This is definitely something we'll be adding to our list of site improvements!

      In all cases, the Elite moniker indicates additional features as well as higher quality finishes. For example, all Harvest Elite models have digital displays, automated settings that are specific to plant variety, Vacation Mode as well as stainless steel finishes on the reservoir bowls and grow light hoods. Bounty Elite models also have higher grade finishes and advanced features.

  • Apparently, these new model (2019) Bounty aerogardens cannot, at this time, grow strawberries, since they require grow bowls incompatible with the new models.. Any idea when strawberry growth will be available on the new models?

    • Great question! We are hoping to release a new grow bowl for our redesigned Bounty garden family later this summer.

  • I would like to purchase a BOUNTY BASIC, but your website will not let me. Please help.

    • We're sorry George, but the Bounty Basic is out of stock at this time. We are hoping to have more available later this Spring.

  • Which bounty would be the best bang for your buck or the one you would recommend? Can any of them grow strawberries?

    • Hello Dalyn, Let's see. I believe all the new Bounty's are amazing. The Bounty gives you more options than the Bounty Basic in terms of controlling your garden. If you upgraded to the Bounty Elite, then you have the ability to fully control the brightness of your lights, whereas the Bounty you have slightly less lighting control. The Bounty Artisan is exactly the same as the Bounty Elite, but the bowl is ceramic for that elegant touch. In terms of growing strawberries, you can in all 4 Bounty gardens, if you are planting them in pods. If you would like to grow strawberries in a Grow Bowl, go with a Bounty Classic. Hope that helps!

  • I love my Aerogarden that I received as gifts. I'm an avid gardener and interested in the Farm Plus or XL. Do you think they will come back in stock or are they being redesigned? Trying to decide if I should wait or buy a Bounty. Thank you!

    • Hello Liz, glad to hear you love your AeroGardens. We are expecting a shipment of our Farms within the next month, cannot give you a specific time because shipping is currently being delayed world wide, BUT we will be getting more in stock soon as well as the Bounty AeroGardens. Just keep checking our site and emails for new news. Thanks

  • Michelle Corney May 4, 2020 at 5:32 am

    I love the idea of the seed starter kit. It looks much easier to remove pods than from the cages. Unfortunately, i own the Harvest Elite (which I Love!). Will you ever make a starter kit for other models besides the bounty?

    • Hello Michelle, thanks for the comment :) We sell Seed Starting Systems for all our garden models, you can find them here:
      Just take note that we sell these for both the new Harvest gardens and the Harvest classics (older gen), so make sure to get the right one for your garden because they are a slightly different shape.

  • Michelle Corney May 4, 2020 at 5:37 am

    I found the AeroGarden Seed Starting System For AeroGarden Harvest Models after i asked the question. Thx

  • Any idea when Bounty will be available for purchase? 20% off something that is not available is worthless and should be not included in the “SHOP” pages until it is available for sale!

    • Tina Edwards May 8, 2020 at 4:58 am

      Thanks for commenting Richard. We understand the wait for the out of stock gardens is frustrating. We expect to have units of the entire Bounty family available later this summer. Thanks again!

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