When and how to pollinate my pepper and tomato plants?

When growing outdoors plants are pollinated by wind, animals and insects. When growing inside we need to pollinate the plants ourselves.  Peppers and Tomatoes are self pollinating; this means each flower has both the male and female parts, the pollen needs to move from one part to the other.  To do this, gently shake the plants from side to side; this will move the pollen inside the flower.

Here is a video to show you just how to pollinate your peppers and tomatoes.  Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if flowers have been pollinated or if they are ready for pollination, so the instructional video contains many pictures of pepper flowers in various stages of growth.

Here are a few tips to help you along.

  1. Begin pollinating when open flowers are present.  AeroGarden Tomatoes and Peppers usually flower around 4 to 6 weeks.
  2. To pollinate, gently shake your plants.
  3. New flowers are maturing daily, so remember to pollinate everyday during flowering.
  4. Unpollinated flowers will fall off, this is normal.  It is best to keep the deck of your AeroGarden free of debris so clean all the dropped flowers off the deck.

Good luck growing beautiful peppers and tomatoes in your AeroGardens!!