Amy's Cloned Roses

Thanks to Amy for sharing her photos of roses cloned in the AeroGarden.  Have a favorite rose or other plant?  It's easy to make exact copies of many plants by cloning them in the AeroGarden.  Then, depending on the plant type, grow to maturity in the AeroGarden or transplant it into soil.  Check out our cloning kits in our online store.

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2 thoughts on “Amy's Cloned Roses”

  • Where's the best information on how to clone different types of plants? do the clone kits give specific information on what types of plants are easily clone?

    • The cloning kits do contain specific instructions. Generally speaking, the woodier the stem on the plant, the more difficult it is to clone. Some, like tomatoes, you'd have to work to NOT clone. Others are more difficult. With woodier plants, selecting new growth and trimming back some of the bark help with success. The cloning guide does share specifics.

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