As an appliance, the AeroGarden:  

  • Is designed for re-use, time and time again, year after year
  • Is designed for energy efficiency (the AeroGarden Classic uses less electricity than a 60 watt light bulb, new LED models only 30 watts or less)
  • Is constructed entirely of recyclable components.  Any and all parts can be taken to any facility that recycles electronics. CFL Grow Lights (compact fluorescent lights) can be recycled at Home Depot stores.  
  • Features BPA-free plastics throughout
  • Has packaging that is predominantly recyclable; cardboard shipping boxes are recyclable at most local facilities. Paperboard seed kit boxes and formed paperboard packing materials are recyclable as paperboard (the same as cereal boxes and egg cartons). Bio-domes are recyclable PET plastic (#1). Grow Baskets are recyclable ABS plastic. 
  • Continually strives to lessen the environmental impacts of all its products. Since inception we have made the following improvements: styrofoam packing was replaced by formed-paperboard packing (now recyclable). The growing medium was changed to increase biodegradability (now above 90%)
  • Boasts increased photon flux to plants with newly-engineered CFL bulbs, with no increase in power usage
  • Utilizes LED lighting, which was introduced in 2013, and that is even more energy efficient, using only 30 watts for the largest AeroGarden models, and only 20 watts for the smaller model
  • Uses reduced ink on all new packaging and in product literature

All AeroGardens with two bulbs use about 60 watts, averaging 42; AeroGardens with three bulbs use fewer than 80 watts, averaging 56

Our Grow Anything Kits and Garden Starter Systems include reusable Grow Domes, Baskets and Trays, as well as replaceable, 90% biodegradable, growing media