No, you do not to replace the lights yet. This notification is for models with 2 CFL bulbs in the hood. If you have the LED light hood, you do not need to replace your LED lights until individual diodes begin to fail. Diodes have a 2 - 4 year lifespan. Just press and release the Reset button to turn off the reminder.

Since there are over 100 diodes in the hood, a few burned out diodes will not have any impact on growth.  However, this can be the first indication that the LEDs are coming to the end of their life, and could be a good time to call customer service to order a replacement LED light hood.  As more of the diodes begin to burn out, you will want to have a replacement LED light hood available.  The LED light hoods are not available online and can only be ordered by phone through customer service.

If you have the Miracle-Gro AeroGarden 7 with the CFL hood and metal aluminum light post, you may upgrade to the energy efficient LED hood. Please call customer service to upgrade your AeroGarden.