AeroGrow CS Agent Chris gave us this photo of his community garden plot in which almost all of the plants (except the onions, beets, snow peas, and carrots) were seeded in Garden Starter Systems or AeroGardens: spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, kale, kohlrabi, zucchini, broccolo, broccoli raab, chinese cabbage, pak choi, crookneck squash, and bell peppers.  "I start tomatoes and bell peppers about eight weeks before planting outdoors, and then pot them on after four or five weeks," Chris says. "That gives them time to develop a lot of roots, so that when the weather warms up they really take off".

One thought on “Abundance!”

  • This is a great example of helping the community. My plans are to help neighborhood communities by introducing and helping each other with planning and planting. Now that I have a home business doing AeroGrow this allows me to have big tax advantage and a way to help many others.

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