8 Week Pruning Video Series

In this eight week video series, AeroGrow Indoor Gardening expert John Thompson explains the basic tips and tricks to pruning and harvesting your herb garden, week-by-week. Learn how to correctly prune, and when it is time to harvest.

Week One

Week Two


Week Three


Week Four

Week Five

Week Six

Week Seven

Week Eight

4 thoughts on “8 Week Pruning Video Series”

  • Loved your 8 week herb pruning videos. I have just planted the mega cherry tomatoes in an ultra LED. Since they were "engineered" especially for this tall garden, do I prune them the same way?

  • Hi Camilla,

    You should prune them the same way as you would in your other gardens. Thanks!

  • What should I do with two pods that did not sprout? Should I leave them in or cover the pod holes some how?

    • Hi Mike,

      Please forgive the slow reply. We had some vacation schedules overlap and there was a period of time when we weren't monitoring our blog.

      To answer your question, there should always be either a seed pod or plant spacer (which we sell) or other opaque covering in each of the pod holes. This prevents light from shining into the water bowl and creating algae.

      Also, we have a germination guarantee – so please call customer service for replacements if you want them!

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