AeroGarden Farm Plus with Salad Bar Seed Kit - Black
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AeroGarden Farm Plus with Salad Bar Seed Kit - Black

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If some is good, then MORE is better! With AeroGarden Farm, get more of what you love from the newest member of our smart garden family. MORE pods. MORE yield. MORE fresh & flavor packed herbs and vegetables all year ‘round, and even MORE variety than ever before.

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You asked, and we listened!  Introducing the AeroGarden Farm Plus of smart hydroponic gardens.  The newest addition to the AeroGarden family gives you more than 2.5x the growing capacity than any other product in our line.  Make trips to the produce aisle a thing of the past.

With the Farm Plus you get more of everything you love.  ‘Guaranteed to Grow’ hydroponic technology?  Check.  An amazing variety of Non-GMO seed pods?  Check?  Fully automated, energy efficient LED grow lights?  Check.  And the Farm Plus’s dual mechanized 60W lights allow you to specify each panel’s height based on what you’re growing while still providing the photosynthesis maximizing spectrum that keeps plants thriving and yields at their highest.

You’re in full control of your garden each step along the way from setup to harvest using either the convenient touch screen control panel on the garden hood, or the free AeroGarden smartphone app compatible with the Farm Plus’s built in Wi-Fi technology.  Reminders, tips, and our world class customer support team are all right at your fingertips.  

With room for growing up to 24 plants at once, it’s never been easier to consistently have a true abundance of fresh herbs and vegetables no matter what time of year it is, and with the easy-to-follow assembly guide you’re just minutes from getting your Farm ready to grow.  You’ll be harvesting fresh, delicious herbs and vegetables before you know it.


  • If some is good, then MORE is better!  With AeroGarden Farm Plus, get more of what you love from the newest member of our smart garden family.  MORE pods.  MORE yield.  MORE fresh & flavor packed herbs and vegetables all year ‘round, and even MORE variety than ever before.
  • These lights can do it all.  Not only does The Farm Plus feature 60W of dual LED power for even faster growth and more abundant harvests, but the new motorized control feature unlocks the next level of variety.  With independently adjustable lights you can finally grow shorter plants like herbs and salad greens garden next to taller tomato or pepper plants in the same garden.
  • Location, location, location.  With the AeroGarden Farm Plus, you’re free to think beyond just the countertop.  This sleek and stylish 24 pod growing machine will stand out in any room of the house, and will be sure to be the talk of your next dinner party or get together.
  • A smarter garden is a better garden.  The AeroGarden Farm Plus is enabled with v2.0 Wi-Fi technology.  Control key garden features like turning lights on and off from your smart device via the free AeroGarden app.  With reminders right to your phone you’ll never miss a watering or feeding, and you’ll have easy 1-touch posting to social media for showing off pictures of your lush and beautiful garden with friends and family.
  • Ready to grow.  The AeroGarden Farm Plus comes with a free Salad Bar Seed Pod Kit.  In no time at all, you’ll be harvesting a delectable mixture of heirloom greens, flavor packed herbs, and ripe, juicy cherry tomatoes.  Store bought, pre-mixed salads are now a thing of the past.




1. Find the Farm That's Right for You

We know every home is different, and with two available sizes, and two beautiful color options it’s easy to find the Farm that works best for you and your space.  The Farm and the Farm Plus are big enough for the abundant growth and harvests you want, while only measuring 36” wide and 14” deep.  The Farm gives you 12” of maximum grow height, and with the Farm Plus you get even more!   24” of grow height to grow an even wider variety of taller flowering and fruiting plants.

2. Create a Living Wall

With the stacking kit accessory (sold separately), there’s no limit to how much you can grow.  Daisy chain and stack an assortment of Farm and Farm Plus units together to grow as much as you want at one time.  The possibilities are endless.  With a living wall and proper crop rotation it’s easy to make sure that you and your family never run low on fresh, homegrown herbs and vegetables.

3. You're In Control


It’s simple and easy to control your Farm Plus with either the touch screen control panel or the free AeroGarden app using v2.0 Wi-Fi technology included with every garden.  Easy prompts guide you each step of the way from setup to harvest.  You’ll never miss a watering or feeding with our friendly reminders, and on the app you’re 1 click away from dedicated customer support or sharing your beautiful harvest with friends and family on social media.  The AeroGarden app pairs with both Apple and Android smart devices with iOS 8.0, Android 4.4, or higher. 
4. Support Your Plants
We all need a little help sometimes.  The all new magnetic trellis system is there for you (and your plants) every step of the way.  It’s simple and quick to snap in to place, and easier than ever before to move with your plants as they grow
5. In with the New

We’ve put together a great assortment of all new Seed Pod Kits specifically designed for you to get the most out of your Farm Plus.  Herbs and salad greens in the same garden next to tomatoes and peppers?  With the Farm Plus that kind of variety is now a reality.  Want to experience more heirloom salad greens variety and yield than ever before?  Love basil, and want to sample 8 flavor packed varieties in one garden?  Our new Farm Plus seed pod kits have you covered.

6. More Water Please

A well-watered plant is a healthy plant, and every AeroGarden Farm Plus comes with dual 2 gal grow bowls – the largest of any AeroGarden model to date.  Plants get the water they need to thrive, and the best part – you’ll have to water less frequently even as your plants grow taller and take up more.  Ready to start a new garden?  The easy drain feature empties with the flick of a switch, and means you don’t have to lift the grow bowl from the garden.  You’ll be back growing in no time. 

7. Non-GMO/No Herbicides/No Pesticides - The Ultimate Trifecta

We believe that your fresh, homegrown herbs and vegetables should be as natural as they can be.  Many of our seeds are heirloom varieties, sourced organically, and we NEVER use GMO seeds.  We work together with suppliers who share our values and commitment to excellence.  Our liquid plant food is free of pesticides and herbicides, and are packed with good stuff like iron, calcium, and magnesium.  At AeroGarden we want you to be proud of what you grow, and comfortable serving delicious, homegrown herbs and vegetables to your family.

8. No Soil Needed

With AeroGarden, your plants are grown in pure water and air.  There’s no soil, no mess, and no guesswork.  Inside the grow bowl, your plant’s root system is provided with an optimal balance of oxygen, water, and our patented liquid plant food.  This enables the fast growth and abundant harvests that you love.  In fact, our studies show that plants grown in an AeroGarden will grow up to five times faster than a traditional soil based garden.  You might call it magic.  We prefer to call it advanced hydroponics made simple.                 


With the stacking kit accessory (sold separately), there’s no limit to how much you can grow.  Daisy chain and stack an assortment of Farm and Farm Plus units together to grow as much as you want at one time.  The possibilities are endless.  With a living wall and proper crop rotation it’s easy to make sure that you and your family never run low on fresh, homegrown herbs and vegetables.

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Customer Reviews

Review by Stephen
In February 2018, I bought a AeroGarden Sprout. I loved it so much that I purchased a Harvest Touch. I was so very happy with the both of them, and impressed with the accelerated growth and the yield, I decided to spring for the Farm Plus - $524 on sale. It arrived today.

I have never been so disappointed in a product as I am with this.

It is covered with a slick grease, and the metal has greasy black handprints on it that I cannot scrub off, even with Dawn detergent. The packet of 'herbs & lettuce' was incomplete, missing 6 of the 'required' domes.

Not sure how this happened - was I sold a second hand product? Was it a return? Don't know, but this is a serious let down, and I will no longer sing the praises of this company.

Good job on the screw up folks. (Posted on 7/30/2018)
Customer Service Response:
We are sad to hear that the garden and the kit were both not as expected, and as a company we always strive to make it right. We will be reaching out to you shortly to see how we can help make this experience up to you.
Review by LP
I purchased 2 farm plus in Nov 2017 and I love them. Being in Canada I loved that I am able to grow fresh greens during the very cold winter months.
I love that it has 12 spaces for growing on each side which allows me to dedicate one farm to tomatoes and peppers. Growing in the other farm I have it dedicated to 24 different salad greens and/or kales. I have also had success in growing pak choi, cucumbers, & swiss chard.
I am looking to purchase 2 more farm units that are not the farm plus for this coming winter to expand my growing. The only thing stopping my purchase is they are out of stock.
Set up of the unit was very easy and I did not need help from anyone. I have only had one problem with one of the units where it was losing the number of days planted but a week later the software was updated and it was been working fine for months now.
I didn't think I would like the wifi connection but I love the alerts I get when it is time to add nutrients. I also have 3 harvest in the household and I wish they also were wifi but they are just simple units.
(Posted over a month ago)
Review by Emily
I have two of this specific kind and I'm completely in love with them. I've had them for about 6 months or so now and couldn't be happier - except I need more of them! (Posted over a month ago)
Review by Lee
This is a neat product and, thus far, works fairly well for growing plants.

However, straight out of the box, there were two bolts missing and motor to raise 60W light on right is not working. Also, I've noticed the "days planted" and "when to add nutrients message" are incorrect...

I keep track of both of these measures manually - since I can't rely on this expensive machine to do it.

The broken motor (or switch) for lifting/lowering light on right is a much bigger issue. I've had to - again - manually raise the light on right.

Not what I expected for the OVER $700 I paid!

At this point, I would not purchase another Farm Plus... (Posted over a month ago)
Customer Service Response:
We are sorry to hear that there have been issues, and we would love to help with these. We offer a warranty on all gardens if any part is not working. We will be in touch shortly.
Review by Emily
I ordered two of these - and will be getting more! I did have a small issue with a malfunctioning light - but AeroGarden went above and beyond to get everything sorted out (it can take some time to get them on the phone though as they're very popular).

I've also been pleasantly surprised how low their power draw is as well. I have solar panels so I track our power usage very closely. (Posted over a month ago)
Customer Service Response:
Were glad you love the Farm garden. We have been extremely busy lately, were growing so fast it wonderful!
Review by Walter
I bought 2 Farm Pluses with the stacking kit. Assembly was straightforward and everything worked well. Everything is sprouting. Had 2 Bounty Elites before these. Love gardening in my high rise condo. (Posted over a month ago)
Customer Service Response:
Thank you for sharing your experience with us! We have been so excited about the Farms, so it is wonderful to hear such awesome feedback. I can see from your account that you ave an avid user of our products, so watch your mail box over the next week as I have sent you a special thank you for your years of being a great customer!
Review by robert
The Bush beans are producing like crazy right now and taste is out of this world. Some of the Tomatoes are starting to ripen but have not matured in size at this point ,about 4 times the size of cherry tomatoes so far. I am hoping the Tomatoes get bigger but, will enjoy them I am sure. So far the Farm is fantastic and exceeding my expectations which I could post some pics here for your viewing pleasure .... (Posted over a month ago)
Customer Service Response:
Since we cannot get pictures here, if you want to share on our social media look us up on FaceBook! We love looking at the way people work with their gardens, and take inspiration for our products from these posts. Thank you for sharing your feedback, we are glad you love the Farm Plus as much as we do!
Review by Jim
I set up my Farm the beginning of December. Setup couldn't have been easier. Growing tomatoes and Fish peppers. The pepper plants are like haystacks of leaves with numerous blossoms. Very healthy and vibrant. The tomatoes are short and strong and both full of fruit and dozens of blossoms coming. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly the tomatoes started putting out blossoms. A well thought out and designed AeroGarden. I only wish it had wifi direct so you could update it using your phone without the need for wifi in your home. (Posted over a month ago)
Customer Service Response:
We are so happy that you love the product as much as we do! It is so fun to see your vegetables come to life, healthy and vibrant! Thank you for the feedback, and happy gardening.
Review by Rhonda
Have had my garden set up for about 4 weeks, chives did not germinate and still waiting for tomatoes to flower. Wish they had an option to choose seed kits for the Farm Plus, would like to purchase another and stacking kit but not wild about receiving same seed kits. Would have given 5 stars if not for the high price. (Posted over a month ago)
Customer Service Response:
We are happy that you love the Farm Plus! When you order from us directly we do have other kits, including custom kits, for the Farm and Farm Plus models! To substitute we just need to have you work with a phone agent. We are happy to help substitute so that you can have a wide variety of crops! On our website if you go the the heading for Seed Kits, you will see a heading for Farm Seed Kits and we can work with you on any of these. We also sell Grow Anything kits which would allow you to have some fun picking your own variety of seeds to grow. Happy gardening!
Review by Scott
I purchased two Farm Plus units with a stacking kit at Christmas. The stacking kit hasn't arrived yet .

I was pretty excited to purchase this however there are huge problems. The unit has no or some type of issue retaining memory. In florida we have short power blips all the time . Every time the power blinks this unit looses time. The time and the days planted were lost but the days till nutrients to be added was retained. Its a mess.. One of the units came with a harvest unit and that unit retained its time and days planted but the days to add nutrants went from 2 to 12. I have not opened my 2nd farm plus yet ( waiting for the stacking kit) but I am serioisly thinking of just returning it. This is useless unless you have a battery backup. (Posted over a month ago)
Customer Service Response:
We appreciate honest reviews and are sorry that the Farm Plus you purchased has had challenges. We will be reaching out to you and hope we can help make the product one you love! We have a software update available that will quickly take care of the issues with loosing time.
Review by Nanette
I had a 3 unit wall mounted unit which did not work for me once I moved to another house. This floor model is great. I love having 12 pods in each tank. We'll see how the tomatoes do. I'm hopefully optimistic. The salad pods are all doing well except 1, which I'm choosing not to replace since the other ones are so large. It wasn't the easiest thing to assemble. I suggest having a socket wrench or the like to get the screws in tight. The wrench they give you doesn't work well on all screws. (Posted over a month ago)
Customer Service Response:
Thank you for your feedback on tool options that would improve the assembly, and we are happy to hear that the lettuce is doing great! You can still let us know if you want that lettuce pod replaced as we have warranty on our pods.
Review by robert
Fantastic so far. Have medium size tomatoes on 1 side and, bush beans and spinach on the other. The independent lights are great as the tomatoes are about 8-10 inches high now and, the beans and spinach only about 3 inches high. I will be adding an aerovor to the tomatoes as they eat water up by the gallon.
The looks and function of this unit are great. I have many aerogardens and this is my new favorite (Posted over a month ago)
Review by TimG
The farm plus could have been really good. Assembly wasn’t too hard. Setup went reasonably well. Everything seemed to be working fine until I checked the screen and saw that instead of the tomato garden setup that I had installed it said two herb gardens. I thought I had made a mistake but when I looked closer it said that the days planted was displayed as 1 day when I had planted a week earlier. I reprogrammed it and waited 3 days, the display still shows 1 day planted. Just hung up the phone after trying to contact customer support for an hour and kept getting hung up on by the automated system that kept repeating “call volumes are higher than normal”. Guess I wasted $600. (Posted over a month ago)
Customer Service Response:
We are sorry to hear you had a poor experience. We did encounter a few gardens that were not showing the correct days planted, and for these we initially replaced the top but then found an update solution that just required a software update. I show a new top was sent, and I truly hope that everything is working great for you now as we love this product and want to make sure it is one our customers love to! We have increased staffing as well to meet the great increase in call demand, so if you need us don't hesitate to reach out.

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