AeroGarden Seed Starting System For AeroGarden Harvest Slim Models

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This All New Seed Starting System will allow you to start up to 23 seedlings indoors in your AeroGarden Harvest Slim or Harvest Elite Slim with no dirt and no mess, then easily transplant them into your outdoor garden when weather allows.


Start your garden's seedlings indoors and extend your growing season. The Harvest Slim Seed Starting System will fit the AeroGarden Harvest Slim or Harvest Elite Slim garden (not included) and allow you to sprout up to 23 seedlings while you wait for the weather to warm enough for outdoor planting - no sun and no soil required! Just replace the standard grow deck in your Harvest Slim or Harvest Elite Slim garden with this seed starting tray, place your seed in the peat grow sponges, and drop them in to the 23 spaces in the tray. Your garden can run its normal cycle, no special settings needed. In a few days, you'll have little sprouts that you can easily take out of the garden and transfer into your outdoor beds when the soil is ready. Starting your garden from seeds is cheaper than using store-bought starter plants, and you can choose from so many more varieties.
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