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How to Clean or Change Your Water Pump - video

Click here to watch a video demonstrating how to clean or change the water pump in your AeroGarden 7.

NOTE: Since Dec 2012, AeroGarden 7 models have been manufactured with an aerator/bubbler, not with a pump.  Check inside the water bowl, and if you see tubing with an airstone in the center of the bowl, you have an aerator model.  We do recommend that the airstone is cleaned and replaced periodically.  If there are no air bubbles in your water bowl when the AeroGarden is plugged in, remove the airstone.  If air bubbles are now being produced from the tubing with the airstone removed, it is likely that the airstone has become clogged. Clean the airstone with lemon juice or vinegar and a soft brush to remove any build up.  Because the airstone has such a porous surface, cleaning doesn't always remove all the build up.  If this is the case, you can purchase more airstones to use as replacements.