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My tomatoes have lots of green fruits, but they don’t want to ripen.


If your tomato plants are heavy with green tomatoes but they don't seem to be ripening, it may be that they are overtaxing the plant's energy. Think of a cat trying to nurse 25 kittens! Don't be discouraged; here are some ideas that should get those tomatoes moving from green to red, ripe, and luscious.     


  • Remove some of the green fruit (yes, you hate to do that!) to focus more of the plant’s ripening energy onto fewer tomatoes.    


  • Do a rinse and refill to rebalance the nutrients in the bowl. Over time, a nutrient imbalance can encourage green leafy growth at the expense of fruiting; a rinse-and refill every other feeding will restore a dynamic nutrient ratio.


  • The ideal temperature range for ripening tomatoes is the low 70s.  Under 70 degrees, most tomato varieties will ripen more slowly.  Over 76-77 can be troublesome, too; the  water in the bowl will run 5-8 degrees warmer than the ambient temperature, and water at 82 degrees can’t hold enough oxygen for healthy plant growth.