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How to Install the Trellis System on a Trellis-Ready Hood

 Begin by unplugging the AeroGarden and removing the Lamp Cord from the Hood.

  • Press the small locking lever forward, remove the Hood, and place it upside-down on a stable surface. Be careful not to touch the hot Grow Bulbs.     (Note: If your Trellis-Ready hood does not have screws, you can obtain screws at no charge from AeroGrow Customer Service at 800-476-9669.)

  • Install the screws in the four little holes, if they are not already installed.  The screws should only be screwed in part way because you will need room to slide the Trellis bracket in underneath them.     

  • You can now proceed to the instructions for the Trellis-Ready Hood .  


Trellis-Ready Hood (with screws):


  • Place the Trellis Bracket over the screws so that the part of the Bracket with the 5 square holes in it is pointing toward the Grow Bulbs.       
  • Slide the Bracket forward under the screws (toward the Grow Bulbs), and tighten the screws snugly but not forcefully.        
  • Now snap the Trellis Coils into the square holes.     
  • You can adjust the location of the Trellis Coils as desired, using any of the square holes. It may be easier to see where their optimal location will be (relative to the plants that need to be supported) after the Hood is back in place.  
  • Reinstall the Hood onto the Lamp Arm, plug the Lamp Cord back in, and plug the AeroGarden back in.  
  • The clear plastic loops can now be snapped in place around any plant stem that you wish to support.